Sep 26, 2007

9/11 mastermind's audio tape released

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed has admitted being responsible "from A to Z" for the 11 September 2001 attacks on the United States, according to the Pentagon.
At a hearing to determine whether he was an "enemy combatant" who should remain in detention at Guantanamo Bay, he also reportedly said he had personally decapitated kidnapped US journalist Daniel Pearl in 2002 and admitted to a role in 30 plots.
Regarded as one of the most senior operatives in Osama Bin Laden's al-Qaeda network, he was captured in Pakistan in March 2003 and was sent to the US detention centre in Cuba last year.
Mr Mohammed could, as a result of his admission, face criminal charges and eventually a trial before a special military tribunal.
He has already been indicted, since 1996, with plotting to blow up 11 or 12 American airliners flying from south-east Asia to the United States in January, 1995.

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1 comment:

Colin said...

Believe that and people will believe anything!!

What happened to the so called 'War on terror', what a disgusting debacle it has turned into, and the cost in terms of lives lost cannot be justified. Where next? Burma? Iran?

Oh and we must not forget that all the world leaders have turned a blind eye to Mugabe for many years.