Sep 6, 2007

Bush Should Start By Admitting Fault

President Bush could do his part by admitting what the world knows -- that many prewar criticisms of the invasion were on target. Such an admission would be just the shock a serious diplomatic project would need. It would make it easier for European and Arab leaders to help, as their constituents are reluctant to bail out a president who still insists that he was right and they were wrong. Our troops face death every day; the least the president can do is face the truth.

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Jeff Herz - My View of the World said...

For as large of a critic as I have been of the POTUS for the past 6+ years, his biggest weakness is his inability or unwillingness to admit fault. I am sure every top CEO and executive needs to be continually fine tuning their plans as the market changes.

Bush has failed to do this, and in the process failed us. No one is suggested or expecting him to become a hippie liberal, but showing some humility and allowing even subtle course changes might have given him the opportunity to done a better job and might have improved his popularity and approval ratings.

I am afraid any admissions now would be at least a day late a few billion dollars too short.

Carol said...

Hi Jeff,
Aside from the president's total lack of emotional maturity, consequential responsibility, remorse/conscience, and empathy, he also possesses a distorted sense of entitlement, impulsiveness, an exploitative nature, poor behavior controls, manipulative tendencies, deceitfulness, shallowness, grandiosity, glib superficiality, and narcissism.
In fact, everything Bush does only reinforces my opinion that the guy is psychopathic.