Sep 4, 2007

Links of the Day

Iran: The Next Quagmire
By Chris Hedges,
With a series of airstrikes aimed at 1,200 targets, the Pentagon reportedly has plans to destroy Iran's military capability in three days. But then what?

Are Men Threatened by Funny Women?
By Emily Wilson,
Comedy isn't just about laughter -- it's about power.

How Gonzales Destroyed the American Dream
By Roberto Lovato,
New America Media
Gonzales loved to tell the story of his rise out of poverty -- a Latino version of the American dream. But it is that same dream that he and his backers helped destroy for many Americans.

Questioning 9/11 ... With Caution
By Robert Fisk,
Forget the conspiracy theories. Middle East correspondent Robert Fisk just wants a few questions answered.

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Anon-Paranoid said...

You have posted some very interesting links to some very good stories.

War with Iran now seems inevitable and therein lies the question, can we as a Nation survive if we start World War III?

God Bless.

Carol said...

Hi Anon.
If the United States attacks Iran, we will be openly at war with the world in a nuclear age. If the thought isn't terrifying, something's wrong with our ability to fear. Our politics is almost always driven in the wrong direction by fear of the wrong things.