Oct 5, 2007

Judge reverses Guantanamo ruling

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico - A judge Friday reversed his ruling that created new hurdles for some lawyers seeking to visit clients held prisoner at Guantanamo Bay.
It's pretty bad that Congress and President Bush stripped detainees of the right to file habeas corpus petitions. something that is Unconstitutional. Who knows what we will be left with when this Administration finally comes to an end.
An aside:
The Court observed that"[t]he writ of habeas corpus is one of the centerpieces of our liberties. `But the writ has potentialities for evil as well as for good. Abuse of the writ may undermine the orderly administration of justice and therefore weaken the forces of authority that are essential for civilization.' " McCleskey, 499 U.S. at 496 (quoting Brown v. Allen, 344 U.S. 443, 512 (1952) (opinion of Frankfurter, J.))

Read More...Decision reinstates suits challenging indefinite detention at military prison

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1 comment:

Vice said...

That was Abu's reasoning for the secret memos authorizing torture. Habeus Corpus wouldn't leave very much time for "effective interrogation."
Bush and co. have shredded the Constitution right before our very eyes.