Oct 4, 2007

Links of The Day

Myanmar's true death toll may never be known
After last week’s brutal crackdown by the military, horror stories are filling Myanmar blogs and dissident sites. But the tight security of the repressive regime makes it impossible to verify just how many people are dead, detained or missing.
Doctors report on rare heart attacks in kids
Amish school massacre to be marked privately
Myanmar’s junta begins intimidation campaign
Federal workers wasted millions in travel abuse
Huge stores of oxygen found deep inside Earth
Injured soldiers' financial, emotional costs grow
Bear rescued from bridge after nearly falling off
Ex-Justice lawyer says wiretap program illegal
Online video emerges as PC security hole

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1 comment:

Markk said...

The English-language newspaper New Straits Times in Malaysia showed a picture of a dead monk in a river. Photo from unknown source. Rumours abound of monks being rounded up and taken somewhere where they were summarily executed. Free Burma!