Nov 29, 2007

BinLaden t o Europe: Get Out of Afghanistan

Maddy Sauer and Rehab El-Buri Report:

Binladentoeu_mn Osama bin Laden is calling on European nations to end their support of "America's oppression" in Afghanistan in an audiotape message just released.

Video: Listen to an excerpt of Bin Laden's Message to Europe

Bin Laden says he was responsible for the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks and that the people and government of Afghanistan are innocent victims of America's war there.

Bin Laden said the U.S. pursued a war in Afghanistan despite the fact they had no evidence of a connection to the attacks. He said he attacked America on 9/11 because of the government's involvement in Palestine and Lebanon.

"The American tide is retreating," said bin Laden. He warned that the U.S. will soon go back home to their side of the Atlantic Ocean and added that the war in Afghanistan unfairly targets the women and children there.

The audio message was accompanied by an old still photo of bin Laden, but no new video of the terror leader was released today. In September, bin Laden appeared in a video message which was the first time he was seen on video in three years.

The latest audio message from the al Qaeda leader, who is believed to be hiding in Pakistan, aired this afternoon on al Jazeera TV and is expected to be widely distributed online in extreme Islamist forums. The media wing of al Qaeda, as Sahab, began advertising today's message online a few days ago.

Thanks to Saboma for the heads up

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