Nov 5, 2007

US dilemma: Targeting Iran's oil industry could hurt America more

If Iran sees US $100 a barrel oil, Iran is likely to conclude, and it may well be true, that no matter how severe the sanctions ... the regime could sneak by," said Matthew Levitt, a former U.S. Treasury Department terrorism expert, who is now with the Washington Institute for Near East Policy.
Yet long-term, finding some way to target Iran's oil is crucial, some analysts say, because its oil exports generate billions of dollars in hard currency, providing Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with strength to defy the international community.
Today in Africa & Middle East

The U.S. sanctions announced last week were something of "a shot across the bow in the direction of the oil and gas industry," said Levitt. They targeted several Iranian oil-services firms allegedly linked to the country's powerful Revolutionary Guards, but did not go further.
Washington is also limited by the reality that even if it wanted to take a more aggressive stance, it can do little to hinder Iran's oil sales at a time when global demand is bulging.

Even further evidence, as if we need it, that this whole nightmare is about oil, soil, and greed!

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Ted said...

I don't think Bush is worried about "America" or the American people as much as having control of the oil in Iran.
Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4288

BillyWarhol said...

yeah i was just lamenting somewhere on my Blog the other day that we didn't even get the F'ing OIL!!

I'm still almost shocked to with the Record Prices at the Gas Pumps that Americans aren't livid + marching over to the White House to yank Bush's ass outta there*

i think i heard today it was at $97 so we're a Big Mac away from hitting the $100 Plinko Jackpot!!

oh Yoy!!