Nov 27, 2007

Whew! I am a Blogging Fool!

I have posted about 15 Posts today between the three Blogs that I author and I have spent a great deal of time reading many other Blogs today.
Sadly, I am reading alot from some really good Blogger's that they are experiencing 'burnout'.
I can't help but wonder if it just related to the time of the year, a very busy time for many of us or if it is the frustration (at times) of trying to be creative and getting your muse to stop in for a while.
I have felt the burnout and usually it revolves around my personal life rather than getting tired of blogging.
My thoughts are that I write my Blogs more for me than for anyone else. It is nice to have so many people visit and leave comments, rewarding in fact, but isn't that just giving in to the ego?
I use this Blog as a way to express my anger and frustration at Dubya and this stupid war. He is going to get us all killed if he keeps on. (I got off topic for a second..sorry)
At any rate, the most important thing about blogging is you, if you feel burnout, take a break and take care of you.
Let people know that you are taking a break and then do it..
Your regular readers know how hard you work, as they are workig hard to.
Take it easy and remember that Blogging is whatever you make of it.
Manage your Blog and don't let your Blog manage you!

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