Nov 26, 2007

WTF!!! We Hafta Stop This!

Homegrown Libertarianism Prevention Act of 2007

Thanks to, well, just about every member of the House of Representatives, a bill that eviscerates free speech and empowers the government to deem anything an "extremist belief system" is up for vote in the senate. Once an "extremist belief system" is declared, the associated "terrorists" shall be stripped of US citizenship, tortured, and/or executed with no habeas corpus rights and no ability to challenge, even in the supreme court.

The good news is that government tends to be very responsible and will probably limit the use of this power to extremists who want to harm the citizens of America. It's not as though citizens with traditional conservative values could ever possibly be fingered as terrorists. If you didn't pick up on the sarcasm of that last statement, click here.

Please pick up your phone RIGHT NOW and call your senators. Public outcry is the only way to kill this bill.

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