Dec 18, 2007


by Rod Walford
Oh! you elected minions, who in your towers of ivory repose
Insulated by cocoons woven from broken threads of promised intent;
Twisting words with eloquence to suit your purpose
As it bends and sways in the fickle draught of self-indulgence.
You dwell among the ramparts of power and control
Treading the dark corridors of deception and trickery;
Behind the iron barred portcullis of the fortress of bureaucracy
Where well meaning hearts, fast hardened in the dollar’s white-hot forge
Become as tempered steel - a sword to strike at freedom’s hard won shield.
What misguided force is it that seeks to govern the human spirit?
Never will it surrender to the intrusive microchip, nor become slave to oppressive dictates.
Freedom? She will ride high in her victory, as sure as there is only one true flight.
As the arrow, straight from the bow flies, so the words from the hearts of the just shall penetrate the transparent walls of your ice castles in the sky.
Your crystalline fragments shall fall, shattered in ignominy, And the root of all evil be exposed for its true worth.
Ah! That you and I are one in spirit!
Fellow poets, and seekers of the truth, that we may see the secrets of the impostor, and thus protect our world of shared beauty.
Let us rejoice in our unity, and be secure in empathy, yes, and stronger still!
That we may know our spirit will be carried to a place far beyond the melting remnants of the ice castles in the sky.
How appropo even though it was written in 1999

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