Dec 27, 2007

Pakistan's Bhutto Killed in Attack

RAWALPINDI, Pakistan (AP) — Pakistan opposition leader Benazir Bhutto was assassinated Thursday in a suicide attack that also killed at least 20 others at a campaign rally, aides said.
Bhutto's supporters erupted in anger and grief after her death, attacking police and burning tires and election campaign posters in several cities. At the hospital where she died, some smashed glass and wailed, chanting slogans against President Pervez Musharraf.
The death of the 54-year-old charismatic former prime minister threw the campaign for the Jan. 8 parliamentary elections into chaos and created fears of mass protests and violence across the nuclear-armed nation, an important U.S. ally in the war on terrorism.

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Related Article: US urges democracy in volatile Pakistan

CRAWFORD, Texas (AFP) — The United States appealed for calm and urged its "war on terror" ally Pakistan to press on with its elections after the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto on Thursday.
Condemning the "cowardly" suicide attack that killed her, US President George W. Bush urged Pakistanis "to honor Benazir Bhutto's memory by continuing with the democratic process for which she so bravely gave her life."

Of course The Bush administration has her blood all over their hands for having joined with Musharaff as a key regional ally, and for pouring billions of dollars into Pakistan which is a safe haven for the very terrorists that we are supposedly at war to get rid of.
Makes you want to puke doesn't it?

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Saboma said...

It sure isn't my idea of how to run a country. Then again, I'm just a girl.

Carol said...

Hi Saboma,
That's funny~You're just a girl!

Saboma said...

I like being a girl! I wouldn't have it any other way although I also enjoyed my time during women's lib. We really tortured those old closed minded farts belief systems and had beaucoup fun doing it, too! ~:o)

We showed them what we were working with and excelled above and beyond what they were doing in the job force. We left them in the dirt!
neener, neener, neener!