Dec 1, 2007

Sword-Waving Protesters Call for Death of Teacher Who Named a Bear Muhammad

Carrying swords and machetes and waving green Islamic flags, protesters marched through the streets of Khartoum yesterday demanding the execution of British teacher Gillian Gibbons. "No one lives who insults the prophet," read one of the banners outside the British embassy.
More than 1,000 Muslim demonstrators in the Sudanese capital called for her to be shot or stabbed for insulting Islam after her pupils called a teddy bear Muhammad.
Gibbons, 54, of Liverpool, was sentenced on Thursday night to 15 days in jail followed by deportation in a case that has attracted international condemnation.
Last night she was moved from the women's prison where she was being held to a secret location across the Nile for her own safety.
British Muslim groups have been especially harsh in their criticism of the Sudanese government, saying the verdict has harmed Islam's image.

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I am so grateful to live in this Country, even though it is so fucked up right now. Can you imagine being killed for naming an object after a Prophet?

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