Jan 21, 2008

Bill Clinton told to stop attacking

Former President Bill Clinton has accused Sen. Barack Obama, D-Ill., of violating a candidates' pledge — and now Clinton himself finds himself under attack. NBC's Andrea Mitchell reports.

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1 comment:

Shinade said...

I am one of those people who was ever so cleverly charmed by Bill for years.

Until I discovered "Bohemian Grove" and all the little secrets and lies that have surfaced during his presidency as well as later.

So I really don't pay too much attention to him at all anymore. If Hillary were truly smart enough to run this country....she would wise up and realize that her dear husband is not the asset that she thinks he is.

So,so, sorry to all of you Clinton fans out there...but, this gal has done a lot of research and the things that they have tried desperately for years are so very easy to find now. One only needs to dig around the internet and do a little a research to be really shocked.

Hey Carol did you know you are a "Sweet Tater"? Check it out.
Keep up the good work,