Jan 30, 2008

BlogRolling Amnesty Day - Feb. 1st thru Feb. 3rd

I received an Email last week from Jon Swift reminding me that this is the One Year Anniversary of Blog Amnesty Day .
I first learned of this from Jon and Skippy when I was so brand new to Blogging that I didn't even know what a Blog Roll was.
Blog Amnesty Day first came to life February 3, 2007 when Atrios, the proprietor of Eschaton, declared a Blogroll Amnesty Day.
This was a dark day in the 'Blogosphere'.
When I hear the word 'amnesty' I think of words like 'justice' and 'pardon' but in this case it would mean more of a sovereign act of unbiased kindness to do good.
Unfortunately this wasn't the case for this Day of Amnesty.
Instead, some of the big fish emptied their Blogrolls and this certainly wasn't a very benevolent or sovereign thing to do at all.
You may be saying OK Carol..so what?
What's this got to do with me?
Glad you asked.
It’s an honor to be in someone’s blogroll. It’s also a very big part of creating your blogging community. Blogrolls link blogs to each other, creating their own network. It shows you’re a fan. It shows you like what they do. And it shows respect for other’s work. Consider a link in your blogroll as a brag not a request. This year help us celebrate Blog Amnesty Day as it was meant to be.
If you Blogroll Me!, I will BlogRoll you.
Simply leave a comment here and I will be right on it!
Now go my Blogging friends and spread the word!

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Moses said...

You've been blogrolled ;-) Please add me to yours.

Three Sticks

Carol said...

I will add you to my Blogroll when the link to your site is working. I can't get to it for some reason?

Connecticut Man1 said...

I have added you to my Blog roll, and thanks for participating in Blogroll Amnesty Day!

Drinking Liberally in New Milford

Carol said...

Hi Connecticut Man1,
Thanks for asking to join my Blog Roll. I am honored to have you there, Nice to meet ya!

Brandy said...

You've been added. Happy B.A.D.!



Singleton said...

In honor of Blogroll Amnesty Day I have added your blog link to my blogroll at robsingleton.net. Please link mine to yours in return. Thank you!

Rob Singleton

Carol said...

Hi Rob,
Thanks, UI have blogtolled you here as well :)