Jan 28, 2008

Bush is a Heartless Son of a Bitch!

Just when I think that Bush couldn't be more heartless he proves me wrong again.

Whales Are Part of the Axis of Evil
George Bush this week declared war on sea mammals, officially adding whales to the dreaded Axis of Evil. The Bush administration stated whales are a threat to the American way of life, democracy, and of course freedom. Joking aside, Bush this week gave the official go ahead for the Navy to conduct sonar training off San Diego this week. The navy admits themselves that whales will be harmed by the exercise. This is occurring despite a recent win in the federal courts by environmental groups to restrict sonar use off the coast under the Coastal Zone Management Act. Bush simply issued an exemption for the Navy from the CZMA.
There is no doubt that mid-level sonar use will lead to whale beachings. The International Whaling Commission states the "the evidence linking sonar to a series of whale strandings in recent years is "very convincing and appears overwhelming." The National Resource Defense Council notes.


This is even worse, he is truly a son of a bitch!

He’s done it again. He’s screwed the Democrats, leaving the mess in Iraq for the next president to clean up. Hopefully the next president will simply cut all funding and bring the troops home once and for all.
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Kevin said...

W.T.F. ... ... Seriously...

Carol said...

Hi Kevin - WTF! Indded the man is insane!