Jan 22, 2008

Iran downplays effects of U.N. sanctions

The Bush administration insisted Wednesday that international sanctions against Iran are having some impact despite a new government report questioning their usefulness.

Meanwhile the Iran Government says "Adoption of a possible new resolution will not have any effect on our people."

The Iranian government says it is in compliance with the U.N.'s International Atomic Energy Agency, and maintains the Security Council has no place in nuclear oversight.

According to press accounts, the GAO report says the impact of sanctions aimed at discouraging investment in, and business with Iran, is hard to determine and been counteracted by an avalanche of Iranian oil revenues. The GAO called on the administration to do a baseline assessment of the sanctions' value and report to Congress.

Sounds like the Iranian Government is getting most of it's revenue from oil and Bush is pissed that it isn't going into his pocket instead.

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W-Labs said...

heya carol,can we pls exchange links =)


Carol said...

Hey W-Labs,
I would be pleased to exchange links with you. I will Blogroll you right now :)

Rybu said...

Sounds like the ball is back in Bush's court.

Carol said...

It is Rybu. Only problem is he never follows the recommendations of his advisers.