Jan 8, 2008

New Hampshire Comebacks: Clinton, McCain Victorious

MANCHESTER, N.H. -- The New Hampshire primary generated two comeback stories Tuesday night, with Sen. Hillary Clinton eking out a narrow victory among the Democrats and Sen. John McCain completing the resurrection of his floundering campaign to win among the Republicans.
Clinton had plummeted in polls in New Hampshire following her third-place finish in Iowa. Sen. Barack Obama had soared to a double-digit lead in many polls and was expected to take the critical independent vote in New Hampshire.
With 74 percent of precincts reporting, Clinton led Obama, 39 to 36 percent, a margin that she held for most of the night.

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Anonymous said...

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Shinade said...

Sadly I have no favorite candidate. I know as a woman I am supposed to be supporting Hillary. But, after my research into the Clinton/Bush connection through skull and bones and Bohemian Grove...I dropped my support for her. She is simply yet again part of the Washington elite that has led this country to this point over the pass 20+ years.

Yet again our choices seem to be the lesser of evils. And as of now I am sticking with Obama.

Carol said...

Hey Jackie-
I too find this to be a motley crew to choose from!