Jan 2, 2008

Pakistan elections postponed; Musharraf blames al-Qaida for Bhutto slaying

ISLAMABAD, Pakistan - President Pervez Musharraf announced Wednesday he had asked for British help to investigate the assassination of opposition leader Benazir Bhutto, as authorities pushed back crucial elections six weeks until Feb. 18, citing the unrest caused by her killing.
Opponents condemned the postponement but said they would still participate in the election, which is seen as a key step in Pakistan's transition to democracy after years of military rule.

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This should prove interesting since Mr Musharraf is a threat to the stability of Pakistan and the source of most problems confronting the nation.
The role of Pakistan in aiding and abetting terrorism is well documented, so much so that the administration almost placed the Pakistani regime on the 1993 list of state sponsors of terrorism. However, the administration did not take such action because it was assured by Pakistan that Islamabad was taking credible steps to dissociate itself from the militants in Kashir.
Who is on the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism:
At the beginning of 2007, the list of State Sponsors included:
Cuba (as of March 1, 1982)
Iran (January 19, 1984)
North Korea (January 20, 1988)
Sudan (August 12, 1993)
Syria (December 29, 1979)
Three countries that were formerly on the list, Iraq, Libya and South Yemen, have been removed. Iraq, which has been on and off the list more than once, was removed in 2004 after the U.S. invaded and toppled the regime.

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