Jan 22, 2008

Quick Read: Thompson Quits

Mary Ann Chastain / AP
NAPLES, Fla. - Republican Fred Thompson, the actor-politician who attracted more attention as a potential presidential candidate than as a real one, quit the race for the White House on Tuesday after a string of poor finishes in early primary and caucus states.
Let's hope Giuliani's next.

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Ted said...

He was such a sour puss, he came across as down right mean.

I am glad he is gone.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4390

Carol said...

Hi Ted,
Yep, me too. I really don't think his heart was in it.
I did like him on Law and Order though.

Shinade said...

"And another one bites the dust"!! Remember Queen's song?

I have always adored this man as an actor. I am truly a fan. But I must say that I prefer that all Republicans simply resign, leave office, and most definitely drop out of the race for president.


Carol said...

Hi Jackie,
I do remember that song, shows you how old I am :)
Repubs aint going anywhere...they make too much money.