Jan 27, 2008

Shout Out to - The Painted Veil

This is a Site you want to go to when you feel the need to be inspired or to just feel good. Jackie writes with love and compassion and is always ready with an encouraging word!
Visite Here

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Shinade said...

Oh my goodness.....I don't know what to say. This means so very,very much to me Carol.

Gee whiz...first you make me talk on the phone to hear my silly twang, and, now you've gone and made me get all teary eyed.

Thank you so very,very much. What a simply lovely thing to do.

Carol said...

You are most welcome Jackie. I loved hearing your 'Souther Twang' and it was so brave of you to do it...LOL!
I took the thing off cause it was scaring the hell out of people.
Guess they weren't expecting to hear a voice...LMAO!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol,
I must agree that Jackie has an awesome blog and I would highly recommend it to everyone :)

Have a wonderful week my dear friend,

Carol said...

Hi Colin,
Nice of you to stop by and I agree with you!