Jan 16, 2008

The Sovereign Journey: FCC to Investigate Net Neutrality Violation

The Sovereign Journey: FCC to Investigate Net Neutrality Violation

Something to Talk About
Sovereign Individuals can gloat a little. So says my friend Digital Nomad who has been on top of this issue from the beginning. Nice Work Michael!
Send Your Comments to the FCC
You did it.
Net Neutrality supporters just won a new round in the fight to keep the Internet open and free of corporate gatekeepers.
And it's because you took action.
Over the last three months, more than 23,000 Free Press activists demanded the Federal Communications Commission stop Comcast from blocking Web traffic.
Yesterday, the FCC responded, announcing that it would investigate the cable company's Net Neutrality violation.
The FCC is seeking public comment before it decides to punish Comcast.
By speaking out now, you can force the FCC to stop all the would-be gatekeepers from tampering with the free-flowing Internet:
Please Visit: The Sovereign Journey to read this Post in it's entirety and then pass it along as we finally have some success in this important matter.
Thanks Digital Nomad for the info.

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Anonymous said...

Check it. Bush's Sword Dance. He's in Saudi Arabia participating in a ceremonial.
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Carol said...

Thanks Saboma, I will Blog this one...LOL!