Jan 16, 2008

Something to Prove for Peace

The president acknowledged that he had something to prove on this trip.
"I do, but it's not so much to prove for my sake. It's really to prove for peace," he said. "And I believe the time is right to push for a Palestinian state. The time is right because there's an Israeli leader who understands that and a Palestinian leader who understands that."

"I'm sure people view me as a war monger and I view myself as peacemaker," the president said. "They view me as so pro-Israeli I can't be open-minded about Palestinian peace, and yet I'm the only president ever to have articulated a two-state solution. And you just have to fight through stereotypes by actions."
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Shinade said...

Wow talk about delusions of granduer!! He certainly does take the cake for living in his own special little world. I will give him this much. He never ceases to amaze me!!

Carol said...

Hey shinade,
He is quite delusional if he thinks he is leaveing a Legacy as the "Peace" President...

Ted said...

Peace President my ass.

The name Bush will be remembered in the same breath as Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot and many more.

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4384

TOM said...

So who will the next one be...Clinton, Obama, Romney...They have already sold out and will be no better than George...corporate politicians!!

Happy New Year Carol

Carol said...

I couldn't agree with you more Ted!

Carol said...

Hi Tom,
How nice to see you. I agree with you. The only one who hasn't sold out is Ron Paul but he is so 'out there' on some issues that I don't believe he stands a chance. I fear for our great Country in the coming years.
Happy New year to you as well my friend.