Jan 26, 2008

Would YOU?

This is like wearing the Scarlet Letter in my opinion. Would you proudly wear this?

Wear the Buttons

From Americans United for Change

Friday, January 25 2008

For seven years, President Bush's allies in Congress helped push forward his failed Conservative agenda. This week, Americans United for Change began delivering "I'm a Bush Republican" buttons to all of the Republicans in the House and Senate today in advance of Bush's Final State of the Union Address on Monday with the message: "your votes helped build his legacy; you should show your support for him by proudly declaring that you're a Bush Republican." On Monday, as cameras scan the House Chamber during the State of the Union Address, we'll see how many Republicans - those who have voted for Bush's policies on Iraq, the economy, energy and health care - are willing to put their lapels where there votes have been and wear a button with this simple message: "I'm a Bush Republican."

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