Jan 13, 2008

Yipeee! You Made Me a Winner!

To everyone that took the time to vote for this Blog, I thank you so much. I was so hoping to score this Award.
Now please take another minute and go vote for Ted's Soapbox 2.0. Ted is a regular visitor here and I nominated him.

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Lena said...

hi, Carol!
Congratulations!! :)
was stuck in your blog reading stuff and really liked it. Competitions like that open new blogs for us and i am really happy to have found yours for myself :)

Saboma said...

Congratulations, Girly! I knew that you'd get it when we voted fer ya.


Carol said...

Thanks so much Saboma. I didn't know you voted for me. Wooo Hoooo!
Hi Lena,
That's quite a compliment. Thank you very much. I spent a little time on your Blog today to and as I said somewhere else - you rock!