Feb 20, 2008

Is it panic time for Hillary?

Losing as badly as she did in Wisconsin really puts Clinton’s campaign in as precarious of a position as it has ever been. The likelihood she can beat Obama as badly as she needs to in any remaining state -- let alone Ohio and Texas -- is very remote at this point. She no longer controls her own destiny, but now has to hope for an unforced error by Obama. And a big one.

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Ted said...

Although I don't like Hillary, I would rather see her than Obama nominated. I just don't trust him one bit.

I think Hillary will have something new to say about Obama in the next day or so. After all she is married to slick Willie.

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jollyjo said...

Carol...didn't get any sound on this video but I can read lips!

From the automatic choice to increasingly looking like runner up...it's really looking bad for Hillary.

My Sassy Mind said...

I think Hillary can pull through. She is the woman of action, unlike Obama who is a man of words ;D

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My Sassy Mind

durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

It is panic time for Hillary, as far as the inevitability of her nomination is concerned. There is a big chance that whoever wins Ohio, and Texas would still not meet the number of delegates for an outright nomination. It will then go to the Super Delegates to decide. This is her final chance, and it could be payback period for her as far as the favors they have planted with the Super Delegates, well some of them, are concerned.

Should the democratic base demand that their votes be given more consideration, it could be swung to the one with the most delegates, presumably Obama. But if they decide for the one with less, it would be a politburo-like decision and would make the primaries useless. It could also split the democrats as usual.--Durano, done!

Kevin said...

I find it amazing how many people still support Hillary, honestly. All I have to do is look at her tactics and come to the simple realization she is in this for herself, not the country. Why do I say this? Well, there is talk of her going after Obama's "Pledged" delegates, as apparently they can switch their minds if they want. If that fails, she plans to try to hang onto the tails of Obama and stay close enough so that the Super delegates can sway the victor and give her the crown. Both of which completely destroy the purpose of democracy. Do I really want to vote for someone who is that eager to destroy the very foundation of our freedoms ? Hell no. Absolutely not. Nope...not gonna happen.

It's funny she says that Obama only has words, yet those words are what are making action, a movement, a foundation of support and people with pride again, standing up for what they believe. I am sorry, but I don't believe there is anything more powerful than words. They are what will spark the people to move a nation in the direction they see fit.

In my opinion, the actions of Hillary are spitting on what this country is about...and I was going to vote for her at the beginning of the primary season.

As for the commenter above who is scared of Obama...what is there to be scared of? Change?

Love your site, keep up the great info. :D

Cooper said...

I'm sure they are in a panic but they feel she will do well in the debates.
Frankly her health care plan is not possible without 1. cutrailing service consdierably while at the same time potentially bankrupting the country I believe although she has plans the effect of those plans full effect - end result need to be disclosed. I feel Obama's plan is much more likely to work.If she wins Texas and Ohio she may win yet and if she wins I will support her, though I do not feel Washington as it is works for anyone and she will not change that.Obama has a better chance of getting the legislative bodies to actually get some work done. Living here and having interned for a Republican congressman year before last in the summer I think Washington is incestuous at best.

As for those Pundit, and Russert is one though he maybe one of the least misogynistic, I don't listen to anything they say these days. They too are part of it all.

Lee said...

I think Americans are getting tired of candidates who go on the attack instead of talking about policy differences. Hillary would be better served sticking to the issues than looking for a chink in Obama's armor.

The post on my blog today was along similar lines. I also had a post about the shootings at NIU that you might be interested in.

By the way, Dawn, at Twisted Sister recommended your blog to me.

R.Levesque said...

Hi Carol Great to see your still in action. Blog looks great. Hope youve been well. Figured Id drop you a line just to let you know Im still around.
Health and Prosperity,

Carol said...

Hey Cooper.
I think you are right on in your insightful assessment of the situation.

For the rest of you great an so very sophisticated people, You all make some very valid points. I am pleased that you saw fit to comment on this topic.
Great to see you!