Feb 18, 2008

Obama Accused of Plagiarism in Speech

Uglier and uglier -

The Clinton campaign is busy pushing a new line of attack against Barack Obama: That he plagiarized a section of his speech this past weekend at the Democratic Party of Wisconsin dinner, from a speech given two years ago by Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, a prominent Obama supporter.

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1 comment:

Kevin said...

Yeah, I have heard about this. Clinton is on desperation mode in my opinion. Now there is talk of her planning to go for the PLEDGED delegates that Obama has. (not Super delegates, the PLEDGED!) Apparently, they are allowed to switch their vote, even though they represent what the public wants. Does that makes sense to you? Sure as hell doesn't to me. As far as this plagiarism stuff, Devot encouraged Obama to use, and it was quite fitting too. Also, if you really want to get into it, go check out the video of Hillary using Obama's Line, "Fired up and ready to go." lol. It's funny, sad, and somewhat disheartening.