Feb 29, 2008

Quick Read - John McCain's Citizenship Status & Eligibility for the Presidency Called into Question

The U.S. Constitution states that "No person except a natural born citizen shall be eligible to the office of President." While no one is disputing that McCain is a citizen of the United States, the issue of whether he can be considered a "natural born citizen" is being called into question. A natural born citizen "is where only the natural act of one being born in a place determines the status of ones citizenship with no additional stipulations necessary to influence that status."

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Anonymous said...

Carol, you know as well as I do that ANYONE born on a U.S. military base no matter where that base is is not only considered a "natural born citizen" They ARE a natural born citizen.
And perhaps even more so, I say that because their parents were Brave and Loyal US citizens that were serving their country no matter where their country sent them.

Carol said...

Hi dd2,
I always thought that too but with a little more investigation I found this:
Current State Department policy reads: "Despite widespread popular belief, U.S. military installations abroad and U.S. diplomatic or consular facilities are not part of the United States within the meaning of the 14th Amendment. A child born on the premises of such a facility is not subject to the jurisdiction of the United States and does not acquire U.S. citizenship by reason of birth

Anonymous said...

Hi Carol
I spent 4 years in the Army and saw many babies born over-seas and i never heard of that.
I was always under the impression and I still believe it ..that a US installation overseas is considered to be under the jurisdiction of the US. And that all laws pertaining to the US are honored there.
If it were not so, then we’d be hearing Hillary/Obama screaming about it all day long as well as the media Don’t ya think?
And the Republican party would never allow him to run because for sure he would be disqualified.
btw, your blog is looking great. Good work