Feb 4, 2008

The Truth Will Set You Free - But First it'll Piss You Off

As you know this weekend was a Celebration for Bloggers.
It was 'BlogRolling Amnesty Day' a day when, in theory one could make requests of other Blogger's to add them to their Blogrolls without impunity or fear of getting laughed right out of Blogtopia.
So, being who I am, I went and requested that the following add me to their Blogrolls:
Crooks and Liars
Daily Kos: State of the Nation
It is to my great sorrow that I have to report that the request was not honored and I am not on any of those Blogrolls (sigh).
It's a sad time indeed for me.
I suppose I will remain in Blogatory until next year (sniffle)
Ok I'm over it - moving right along.
The good news is these nice people have been added to my Blogroll:
Alien Trucker
Moue Magazine
Political Cat
Three Sticks
Wife Speaks
Web Labs
Drinking Liberally in New Milford
distributorcap NY

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Ted said...

Do those 3 ever add anyone to their blogrolls?

Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4404

Carol said...

Hell no Ted! Not unless you are an A-Lister as they are :)

wifespeak said...

Not adding you to their blogroll is their loss. Anyhow, a lot of us has welcomed you to ours. I guess not everyone around here are nice people.

Carol said...

LOL@wifespeak - you're right, it's their loss :)
Thanks for having me on your Blogroll...

John said...

Thanks, and you're welcome.

Please note, we're weTmachine, not weBmachine.



Carol said...

I am so sorry - I fixed it :)

Herb Urban said...

As a minor consolation, I added you to mine last week.

Carol said...

You did Herb? That's no "minor consolation" That's awesome!

Distributorcap said...

see there are some nice people left in this country!