Feb 14, 2008

What a Day!

The House voted Thursday to hold two of President Bush's confidants in contempt for failing to cooperate with an inquiry into whether federal prosecutors were ousted for political reasons.
Angry Republicans boycotted the vote and staged a walkout.
Then there's this:
Republican campaign dropout Mitt Romney agreed Thursday to endorse Sen. John McCain and asked his national convention delegates to swing behind the party front-runner, according to officials familiar with the decision.
President Bush has ordered the Pentagon to use a Navy missile to attempt to destroy a broken U.S. spy satellite — and thereby minimize the risk to humans from its toxic fuel — by intercepting it just before it re-enters the atmosphere, officials said Thursday.
How's it going in your World?

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Rod said...

Pretty well, now that Nancy grew a spine...

(I wish Harry would grow one...)

Vice said...

Do you really want to know?

Kevin said...

wow. Wow. WOW. They should be held in contempt. I find it odd that Mitt is endorsing McCain. Is he going for the VP position?

And who what about a satellite?

Carol said...

Yep there's a 'spy satellite' about ready to hit earth. Figure eh?
Yeah Nancy grew some..too little to late.
You KNOW I do!

Anon-Paranoid said...

a rose is a rose...

What are the chances that the missile will miss the spy satellite and hit Iran?

Are you ready for War yet?

God Bless.

Carol said...

Hi Anon,
Hadn't thought of that :( NO I am not ready for another war!