Mar 25, 2008

Is Anyone in Charge?

I have been listening and watching the news in earnest as of late. I am completely disillusioned by what I am hearing and seeing in the Race for the White House, it seems to me that the contenders are talking out of both sides of their mouthes even more than usual and the whole thing just makes me want to puke.
However, nothing has made me feel more like vomiting than hearing the Pentagon announce that it had accidentally sent sensitive technology used in the US nuclear program to Taiwan.

The devices were returned to U.S. territory this morning.

Watch a portion of the briefing HERE.

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Vice said...

Hi Carol!

Yes, the run for the Democratic Nomination leaves me wondering if the Dems are serious about the White House or not. The infighting is needless to say less than inspiring.

As far as the missile parts story goes, if they can loose some nukes, they can sure as hell "misship" some parts!

Carol said...

Hi Vice,
I think the Dems are sabatoging themselves and we very well could be stuck with another four years of Republican rule...yeah what else can't they find?

Cooper said...

When "The Party" makes the decision and seems to be at the back end of the campaigns it gets ridiculous.
I don't watch media coverage though, as it is unfortunately incomplete and totally out of context a ninety eight percent of the time.

With media framing the news I'm not sure we can ever be sure what is really going on.