Mar 3, 2008

U.N. sanctions Iran anew over nuclear program

Iran’s U.N. Ambassador Mohammad Khazee told the council before the vote that the government would not comply with the “unlawful action” against its “peaceful nuclear program.”
“Iran cannot and will not accept a requirement which is legally defective and politically coercive,” he said. “History tells us that no amount of pressure, intimidation and threat will be able to coerce our nation to give up its basic and legal rights.”
Iran insists its enrichment activities are intended only for peaceful civilian purposes, but the U.S., the European Union and others suspect its real aim is to make atomic weapons. Enriched uranium can be used as fuel for nuclear energy or nuclear weapons.
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Mystical populist
Watch an in-depth profile of the Iranian president: firebrand, soccer fan and true believer in Khomeini's Islamic Revolution. Produced by Baruch Ben-Chorin.
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