May 7, 2008

Houston Prophet says NO Presidential elections in 2008

Fact or Fiction? You decide.

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durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Carol,

Is there a way this could be considered terrorism? LOL!

Does he refer to the polygamist cult in Texas? :-) --Durano, done!

RLevesque said...

buaahahahahahahahah lololol Sorry about that. Wow I dont even know what to say about that. So the antichrist is in texas lol I thought he would be from Europe myself. And the two endtime prophets he speaks of will be prophesying in Jerusalem. Think he needs to read his bible a little more. (Maybe lay off the peyote too)
Have a great day!!

Carol said...

I dunno Durano - pretty bizarre for terrorism it takes all kinds :(

Carol said...

Hi Rome,
Somehow I just KNEW you'd get a good laugh out of this one. Yeah the Antichrist is in Texas...if you listen to some he is embodied in Obama (sigh)

What's wrong with peyote???????

Ted said...

I am sure Bush/Cheney are looking for a way to make this happen.

They already have the laws set up to be on their side..
Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4548

Shinade said...

Could it be because it is of Native American culture?

Hi Carol,
I see you are after it. I hope you have a great Mother's Day week end!!

Isn't it just wonderful when people just seem to know exactly where the Anti-Christ is?

I remain as always NOT surprised.


BillyWarhol said...

Well 1 thing I agree on is the LENGTH of the American Elections have gotta be Shortened + the Billions Wasted on them is nothing short of Insane!

Change it Obama!!



EntreCard RED HOT DROPPING!!******




Cheers Everybody!! Billy ;)) Peace*

Ted said...

Hi Carol, I hope all is well..

I hope the Prophet is wrong but I have a feeling Bush/Cheney will try something..
Number of Operations Iraq Freedom and Enduring Freedom casualties as confirmed by U.S. Central Command: 4555

Jeff Herz - My View of the World said...


Long time no talk.

It is funny, I have not watched this clip, but I just commented on my own blog, that I do not think it inconceivable that something could happen before November, that would force King George II to cancel the elections.

Scary thought either way


Distributorcap said...

i am still not convince president doodypants is leaving on 1.21.09

Anon-Paranoid said...

Hi Carol...

It's been awhile since I stopped by and I apologize for it.

I have been saying for a long time that there would be no elections this year.

Since the power to finally hold these Fascist Republican Nazi's and Der Fuhrer Adolph Bush accountable will be in the hands of the next President the Decider would not allow that to happen.

I suspect him starting a War with Iran or God forbid the reason Hillary gave as her reason and path to the nomination of someone killing Senator Obama would lead to riots and war here at home.

But no matter how you look at it Fuhrer Bush will not allow anyone to label him an enemy combatant and lock him up for the rest of his life.

So who knows if the End of the World is at hand or not?

Interesting video though.

Take care and ...

God Bless.