Dec 12, 2006

Am I Crazy???

Dec. 11: Threatened with a lawsuit, Seattle international Airport officials decide to dismantle their nine Christmas trees.'s Dara Brown reports.

OK..This pretty much symbolizes Christmas right?? Almost everyone has a tree for Christmas!

I am now reading that AirPorts are having to take their Christmas Trees down because it isn't "Politicaly Correct" This is the United States after all, and we have a diverse cutural enviroment. The key word here is this is the "United States"..I am not saying that one should not celebrate the holiday as they wish, I am saying you came to this Country...don't expect us to bend to suit you!! This has become just ridiculous...IMOSHO! What is wrong that we cannot even have Christmas without upsetting some other group of people??? I say if you come to the U.S. then you need to adapt to our ways..not vice versa...if you don't like it here..go back where you came from, or, quit your bitching!!

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Carol said...

jaja....does this mean yes?? LOL