Dec 10, 2006

National Activism Opportunities

National Activism Opportunities

Shut Guantánamo Down

Support Representative Conyers' Call for Special Counsel to Investigate Torture

Support the Torture Victims Relief Act

Stop the President's Silent Vetoes

Tell the Senate: Reject Bush's Lame-Duck Re-Nominations

Tell the Senate: Reject 'Torture Judge' Haynes

Disrobe the Right: Stop Bush's Radical Judges

Tell Your Representative: Don't Cover Up for a Child Sex Predator

Tell the Religious Right: Stop the Hypocrisy!

Tell James Dobson: Apologize!

Congress -- Get Serious About Mining Safety

Stop Texas Utility from Barbecuing the Earth New!

Demand Congressional Action on Global Warming

Support the Clean EDGE Initiative for Energy Independence

Support an Oil-Free Future and Tell Ford Motor Company to Quit their Oil Addiction

Nissan and Hyundai - Just Say No To Auto Alliance

Tell GM's CEO - Hybrids are a Win-Win Proposition

Tell Big Oil -- Don't Drill in the Arctic

Tell Power Companies to Invest in Clean Power, not Coal

Kimberly-Clark and Kleenex: Stop Clearcutting Ancient Forests

President Bush, Fire "Loose Cannon" Cheney

President Bush: Fire Karl Rove Today

President Bush: No Pardons for Treason

Tell Congress: Stop Covering Up the National Intelligence Estimate on Iraq and Terrorism

Honor Iraqi Calls for U.S. Withdrawal New!

Support Senator Feingold's Call for a Timeline to End the Occupation of Iraq

Tell Congress to Hold an Open Debate on the Occupation of Iraq

We Need an Iraq Exit Strategy - Support H.R. 55, 'Homeward Bound'

Congress: Admit You Regret Voting for Iraq War

Demand a Full Investigation of the Downing Street Memos

Tell the UN Security Council: Impose Sanctions on Iran

Ask Laura to Tell George: Don't Attack Iran!

Congress: Only YOU Can Authorize War on Iran

President Bush -- Stop Appointing Unqualified Cronies

Congress: Hold Bush Accountable on Failed Katrina Response

Tell Your Representative: Sign the Voters First Pledge

Stop Partisan Activities by Top Election Officials

Safeguard the Integrity of our Federal Elections -- Support HR 550

Let D.C. Vote

Stop the Effort to Gut Campaign Finance Laws

Tell Congress to End the Cuba Travel Ban

President Bush: Deport Luis Posada Carriles to Face Justice in Venezuela

Tell Partisan CEO of Corporation for Public Broadcasting to Resign Immediately

Investigate Rove Involvement in Public Broadcasting Scandal

Fox News –- Why Not Just Merge With The Bush Administration?

Mainstream Media, Why the Blackout on Stephen Colbert?

AOL: Don't Tax the Internet

Defend Free Public Internet Access from Corporate Assault

Tell the Media -- Cover Rep. Conyers' Report on Extensive Presidential Lawbreaking

Stop the Cheney-Specter Wiretapping Bill

Tell AT&T and Verizon: Come Clean on Privacy Rights New!

Congress: Appoint a Special Prosecutor to Investigate Illegal Domestic Spying

Support Representative Wilson's Call for a Full Congressional Inquiry on Wiretapping

Investigate AT&T, BellSouth and Verizon Connection to Illegal NSA Phone Spying

Protect your Privacy; Support the Information Protection and Security Act

Tell the Senate: Censure Bush on Illegal Wiretapping

Scrap the Pentagon's New Database

Strengthen the Freedom of Information Act

Fix the Medicare Part D Disaster

Support Health Care for All

Stop Credit Card Loan Sharking

Tell Safeway to Post Nationwide Warnings for Mercury in Fish

Apple: Take Back All Your Toxic Trash

Tell the Senate -- Hands Off Our Food Safety Laws!

Stop the Asbestos Trust Fund Bill

Restore Access to Higher Education

Tell Congress: Re-Hire the Appropriations Committee Investigators

President Bush: Disclose and Return ALL Your Abramoff Donations

Congress For Sale: Who Else Was Bribed With Limos, Cash and Prostitutes?

Tell President Bush to Return Illegal Ohio Contributions

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