Mar 10, 2007

The Cost of War

Prayer at Rumayla by Charles Sheehan-Miles, I came across this Podcast today and since I was just surfing, I took the time to listen to it. This story is told by a man who came home from the Gulf War. Apparently, the story is going to be told in something like 9 Podcasts. I even took the time to subscribe by email so I can listen to the next installment. It is kind of a dark telling about coming home to the war and how he found his girlfriend with his best friend. The guy was even wearing his bathrobe (!) when he walked in on them. He tells some about his Lt. getting killed and what that felt like. I mean this guy tells it like he is right there! I could feel the pain in his voice as he was telling the story it was both chilling and compelling. I don't think that we think enough about what it must be like for a soldier to come home from war and find that he has been betrayed by someone he loves, or how different life must seem to be upon returning home. I think this is worth your while to ge give it a listen, might give you some pause for thought, I know it did me.

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