Mar 10, 2007

Wooo Hoooo!

I am very new to this Blogging thing, only been doing it since November. I am the type of person who can never leave well enough alone and I was trying to figure out a way to edit the HTML in my Template (!). It didn't work and I have yet to accomplish what I was trying to do but, I found out a neat trick! Whenever I change things on my Sidebar, I was adding and deleting Page Elements, kind of a lot of extra work but I didn't know how else to do it. Maybe I am slow but I will tell you what I learned. You can actually just click on the page elements and Drag and Drop them. Am I the only one that didn't know this???

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Romain Levesque said...

No your not the only one.Then again I use wordpress. Dont you love figuring shit out yourself though? I get such a sense of satisfaction from it.
Health and Prosperity,

Carol said...

I do love to figure things out and it is very satisfying except that it is now 1 AM and I am still messing with this thing! LOL! Can you say obsession?

Rcube said...

If you mean the new blogger, yeah I've known about that since the first day I messed with my blog, I think it was the only thing I was able to figure out...LOL!......what I didn't know about (or how to use) until a couple of days ago was the Labels thingy!

I have been pulling my hair out to find a way to list previous or semi important posts. And with the label thingy trick I can do that!

Just label the post after your done (far right hand corner) and it will show up separate from your archive (after you add the label feature).

Carol said...

Oh great! Something else to think about. LOL! Thanks for the tip - I did not know this either!