Mar 20, 2007

Eeeeeeek! Rattlesnakes!

Interesting week around here. If you are a regular Reader, you know I live in Arizona. Right smack dab in the Desert. It is spring here on the Desert and the Rattlesnakes are out in full force! I have three dogs who know what rattlesnakes are and thanks to their great instincts they prevented me, not once, but twice this week from stepping right on two of them! If you have ever heard the sound of a Rattlesnake when it is about ready to strike you know there isn't another sound like it in the world. For me, it is almost deafening I am so in tune with it!

One was right outside my front door on the cement landing as you open the door, and one was at the back door just as you turn the corner to go around the house where I keep my full water jugs! My husband, my hero, rid us of both of these two rattlers but I am now scared to death to walk out either door without poking my head out first (as if this will prevent me from being bitten!).

I made an agreement with the Desert critters when we first moved here. The agreement is that the yard is mine during the day and they can have it at night. If they leave me alone, I will leave them alone. These two Rattlers must be new residents because they did not live up to their end of our agreement! Dammit!

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Slick said...

Oh Lord girl...snakes and spiders are the only two things in this world that scare me.

I feel for ya....

Carol said...

LOL! I hate those two things! Got a huge Black Widow living in the shed! Gonna bomb it this weekend.