Mar 21, 2007

Sad But True

The attorney for the NYC police officer accused of killing Sean Bell believes his client will be acquitted. This is not typical attorney bluster; the odds are that he is right.
Unfortuantely, these cops will in all likelihood get off. We are still so prejudiced in this Country that we believe the frequent media portrayal of young blacks and Latinos as crime-prone, drug-dealing gangsters, the gang and murder violence that continues to wrack many black neighborhoods, and the glorification of the thug lifestyle by many young blacks reinforces negative racial perceptions.
Not to mention that defense attorneys, and have had much experience defending police officers accused of misconduct. Police unions pay them and they spare no expense in their defense. The cops rarely serve any pre-trial jail time, and are released on ridiculously low bail.
Chances are these guys are going to get a walk. Proving once again that Justice is blind!

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