Mar 28, 2007

How Much I Have Made from PPP

Just to update you all on my progress with my blogs. I joined Pay Per Post a little while back, but only wrote like nine posts because I wanted to see if it was a scam or really a worthwile effort. I made a few mistakes so out of the nine Reviews I wrote, only five were accepted. I take full responsibility for this because I did not read the TOS fully. That's how I usually do most things, I just jump in and suffer the consequences later! I am kind of a type A personality that way. Are you surprised? Well, anyway, back to the Topic. I have actually earned a total of $50.00 from those five Posts and will earn another $10.00 from this Post if it is approved. I would say that this is a viable means of earning a little bit of money from writing. I won't go into the details here of how it works in this Post though. You can always go to Pay Per Post to find out those details for yourself. I have created another Blog to use mostly for Posts that I will be paid to write but that Site is less than ninety days old and doesn't qualify for them yet. You will be seeing Posts here from time to time that I will be writing that are actually going to be paid Reviews. I will try to make them interesting and readable for you though.

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Ken said...

I'm patiently waiting for my blog to come of age, too. Although, I'm afraid that even once it gets 90 days old then it'll be about not having a quality rank with Alex or Google, etc.

If you haven't already, give a try. I earned 20 bucks for one review. In retrospect I should have bid higher because it was the perfect match for my blog, plus I think (IMHO) that I really did a good job for the advertiser by adding screenshots of their product. I just didn't want to appear greedy my first time out.

Carol said...

Yes, the page rank dictates the amount you are paid. Thanks for the info re: sponsored reviews I will go see what that's all about

Don Thieme said...

I am glad to hear that it works. I have only written one post at this point, and I still do not qualify for many opportunities based upon my rank.

Carol said...

Hi Don, nice to see you visiting. Yes that's the biggest draw back to it. Page Rank. This site is only a Page Rank of 4 so I don't have much to choose from either. Big Bucks for the 7 and above page rank though. We will just have to keep on keeping on until the rank goes up. Good Luck to you with this.