Mar 22, 2007

Tell Karl Rove: Testify Under Oath

What's Karl Hiding?
Karl Rove must testify under oath about his role in the U.S. Attorney scandal. Sign this petition -- we'll deliver your message directly to Karl Rove's house in Washington, DC.

The Bush Administration is still struggling to explain why eight U.S. Attorneys were abruptly dismissed last December. Recently released documents, however, show that heavy partisan pressure was being applied to replace these independent prosecutors -- including at least one who was pursuing a Republican congressman on high-level corruption charges -- with "Bushies" loyal to the administration.
Those documents also show a very high level of White House involvement in the decision to fire these attorneys -- most notably by Karl Rove and Harriet Miers. Indeed, the candidate who has now replaced a U.S. Attorney fired in Arkansas was a aide to, and protege of, Mr. Rove -- with relatively little prosecutorial experience, but lots of experience suppressing minority voters in the 2004 election.
Click here to tell Karl Rove: Tell the truth about your role in the purging of U.S. Attorneys.

The Bush administration's shifting explanations just don't hold water anymore, and Congress is now determined to get to the bottom of the matter. If, as it currently appears, the administration sought to obstruct justice in this affair, this would represent an unprecedented and dangerous politicization of our Federal judiciary system.
There's only one way to get to the bottom of this affair, and that's for Congress to exercise its oversight role -- including hearings with sworn testimony from White House officials such as Rove. So far, the White House -- under the flimsy excuse of 'executive privilege' -- is resisting Congressional demands for testimony under oath. But if they have nothing to hide, why not let Rove testify under oath? Anything less would be a clear cover-up of wrongdoing.

Click here to tell Karl Rove: Testify, under oath, before Congress.

We're gathering petition signatures and will deliver the petition to Mr. Rove at his home near Washington at the end of next week. So don't delay -- sign the petition today!

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Jeff Herz - My View of the World said...


I agree, if this was simply a case of the USA serving at the pleasure of the president, then they should have no issues going on the records to discuss the dismisals.

That is one think I hate about this administration, they are absolutely positively not willing to tell the straight truth and then never willing to go on the records to actually talk about what actually happened.

And finally, if this was not politically motivated then why is Karl, the weasel, Rove the political strategist even involved in these policy decisions?


ploop said...

Nice blog - found you on fuelmyblog. I've voted for you

Carol said...

Hi Jeff,
Yes it would be a relief if Bush et al would come clean on the issues, but, they never will. Bush appears to be of the opinion that he is above the Law and has unlimited Power to do whatever he wants. Rove is simply, the go to guy, hitman if you will!

Carol said...

Hi Ploop. That was nice of you to vote for my Site and thanks so much for the visit. Hope to see you here often!