Mar 23, 2007

What our Elected Officials Think of Us

Got this in my Email today. Good example of what our "officials" think of "We The People!" This is a friend of mine, She is referring to an Email that she received Re: Social Security and she was the 1000th Signer.

This letter or something like it came to maybe about a month or so ago, I was the 1,000 person to sign it. So I copied it sent it and then e-mailed the original to the White House as the letter indicated Well I did get a response. It was something like this
We don't have time to read all the letters that come to this address but thank you for your time. I have found that my small voice accounts for nothing
I have written many letters to the senator of this state and get no where. It is amazing to think that I don't count, in the face of the government, that I support by no choice. Now I'm not complaining because while I'm getting the feeling of protection, I feel like I'm getting F**ked. LOL
I will send this letter along and we can only hope for a good thing to come of it.
(name removed)

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tom said...

You count in my book Carol (-:

Carol said...

Awwww-Right back at ya (((Tom)))) Good to hear from you. How's things?