Apr 24, 2007

Allow me to introduce myself

Hello everyone in 'My View of "It" land'.
I'd like to introduce myself, as I will be the temporary guest Author for My View of "It" in Carol's absence.
I'm Vice from ViceZilla's Views, another Blog in the blogoshpere. When Carol approached me with the offer to Author her Blog while she was away, I was flattered. At first I didn't feel worthy, as her Blog is the "It" in my opinion. But she explained that our views on various subjects are almost identical. This was a comforting fact, so now I'm flattered AND nervous to boot!
I promised Carol that I wouldn't chase her readers away, and she reassured me that if I just be 'me', and post my 'views' and opinions like I usually do, everything will be fine. So now not only am I flattered and nervous, I'm scared sh**tless too!
But after thinking about her offer to guest Author, I decided that if she trusted me enough to care for her Blog, then that was all the reassurance I needed to make the decision.
Myself and Carol are working out some details to make sure that her absence from her Blog is a short one. I will also ensure that any correspondence from her will be posted here to keep you, her readers informed.
I'm pretty sure I can speak for all of those reading this post in saying that we care for you Carol, and wish you the best. We will be waiting here for you when this journey ends.
So I will start posting on My view of "It" in a couple of days when Carol hands over the reins to ViceZilla. I look forward to reading all of your comments, and the friends I am going to make.

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Carol said...

You are going to be just fine here. I have no doubts whatsoever. The reigns are officially turned over so take care of "our" baby.

Digital Nomad said...

Welcome to Carol's space as guest blogger.

bobbarama said...

Give 'em hell, Vice. Good luck with the blog.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vice...welcome aboard. Look forward to reading your views! - Anna