Apr 24, 2007

Let's Welcome ViceZilla as My View of "It"s New Author

As you know, I am leaving on Monday to return to New Hampshire where I am originally from. I have no access to a Computer when I arrive there, and no idea when I will be able to resume Blogging.
I asked for and received a reply from ViceZilla from ViceZilla's Views and I think he is a good match as we look at some things in much the same way.
I don't really think that you will notice too much of a difference in our style and I will try to be in touch with Vice and he can let you all know how I am doing in my newest adventure (!)
I would take this time to thank all of you for being so loyal in reading my rantings and being so patient with me when I went off the wall a few times. I know that you are all part of my big "Blog" family and I can't begin to thank you all enough for the messages of support I have been sent by so many of you.
It is a wonderful feeling to know that there are people "out there" that are interested in my well-being.
This is a very emotional and trying time for me and I am filled with pain at what is happening in my personal life, but...I know that when God closes one door, another one opens. It is that Faith that will see us all through no matter what life throws at us.
Much Love and Hugs,

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Anonymous said...

Oh Carol! I've been ill recently and did not know you were moving. I am happy for you but sad for us that you'll be away for awhile! I do hope you'll return as soon as you can. You've become a good friend.

It sounds like ViceZilla will keep things going well while you are in transition. I will remain a regular reader.

Good luck and hurry back!

Carol said...

I am sorry to hear that you have been ill my friend. How you feeling now? Thanks for the well wishes. I am sad to be leaving too, but will get back online ASAP
Hugs Polli,

Mark said...

Okay, everyone -- we have it in writing: she will be "back online ASAP". So Carol, we'll hold you too it. :)

Best of luck to you and the new chapter in your life. And welcome ViceZilla!

Carol said...

LOL! Thanks Mark and thanks for the warm welcome for ViceZilla!

bobbarama said...

Hey, Carol

Wow. Bummed you're leaving for a while. I hope things turn out well for you.

If you or Vice need any additional help on the blog, I'm your guy. Whatever you need.

Stay safe. Stay in touch if possible. Hurry back. Miss you already.

Take care of yourself.


Digital Nomad said...

Good luck Carol. Nuff said.

Carol said...

Hugs Michael, thank you. I will be in touch soon. Thanks for all your support and help on this journey.

Anonymous said...

Carol, hope you are able to make it back online soon. Good luck and god bless! - Anna

Zubli Zainordin said...

Dear Carol, Zubli here. As I read your blog page, a moment ago, I sum up new adventure-very emotional -trying times -pain-personal life- going home-and-be back soon. I may at this moment not understanding fully the whole story. Yet, especially as a friend, a family member, and a fellow blogger, where you are now, know that in your heart, there is love from me that you carry along with the love shared with you by others. Your avatar at my blog pages and home page at MyBlogLog, shall keep me a remembrance fresh, of you, and the person you really are. I love you. Hug. Next, friendly hug for ViceZilla.