Apr 2, 2007

British Marine Admits Entering Iranian Territorial Waters

"So far, we have been treated very well by all the people here."
One of two British naval personnel arrested in Iranian territorial waters appeared in a new video aired Sunday evening said that he and 14 other British naval personnel had entered Iranian territorial waters when they were arrested. Pointing to a map of the Persian Gulf in an interview with Iran's state television, Captain Chris Air explained the way the 15 British naval personnel entered Iran's territorial waters and how they were arrested by the Iranian border guards, IRNA reported. He thanked the border guards for their good behavior. "So far, we have been treated very well by all the people here," he said. "They have looked after us and made sure there's been enough food and we've been treated very well by them so we thank them for that," Captain Air added. Speaking also in the video, Lieutenant Felix Carman, the other British marine, pointed to an area on the map to indicate the location where he and the 14 others were arrested. He said he could understand the anger of Iranians over their "intrusion" into Iranian territorial waters. Two other British naval personnel had earlier acknowledged their having trespassed Iranian territorial waters and apologized to the nation for violating Iran's sovereign right. BAZTAB – April 02, 2007

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