Apr 2, 2007

Bush, Iran & Selective Outrage

Three different perspectives with varying degrees of hypocrisy!
Foreign Ministry Spokesman Mohammad Ali Hosseini released a statement in reaction to the remarks made by British Foreign Secretary Margaret Beckett in Bremen, Germany on Saturday. She has denounced Iran for broadcasting an interview by the British sailors and marines who trespassed on Iranian territorial waters calling them ''propaganda'' and ''outrageous."
''Hosseini said that "the interview has been displayed for humanitarian purposes and considerations and to inform the families of the detainees about their wellness."
He also expressed surprise at Ms. Beckett's insulting and provocative statements. After the videotape was broadcast, Ms. Beckett said that she was concerned about “any indication of pressure on or coercion of our personnel.” Later, she took a more conciliatory tone and said: ''I think everyone regrets that this position has arisen. What we want is a way out of it.''

The Iranian spokesman called on the British government to observe rules of politeness and show respect for the international rules and regulations on the territorial integrity of countries. He also demanded the British statesmen to show self restraint.

In a related development, Hosseini reacted to the remarks by the US President George Bush who called the capture of the British sailors and marines as ''inexcusable behavior.''Hosseini said that President Bush should "refrain from using illegal and improper words."The spokesman advised the US President to pay attention to his deputy foreign minister Nicholas Burns' statements in this regard that any US remarks in support of the British government could worsen the situation.
President Bush has demanded the release of the 15 detainees while referring to them as "hostages." He claimed they were "innocent" and called their capture ''inexcusable behavior.'' He said: ''Iran must give back the hostages. They're innocent. They did nothing wrong.''

This is the same President Bush who often mocks the very idea that international law should apply to him; he’s fond of the punch line: “International law? I better call my lawyer.” But Bush becomes a pious defender of international law when it suits his geopolitical interests.

"It's illegal to do things to POWs that are humiliating to those prisoners," declared Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld. (Yeah right Rumsfield, unless of course we are the ones "to do things" to POW's)

Earlier, British Prime Minister Tony Blair expressed "disgust" that the captured service members had been ''paraded and manipulated'' in video footage released by Iran. He also threatened Tehran that it faced increasing isolation if it did not free them.
BAZTAB - April 02, 2007

There goes Bush again, sticking his nose in where it doesn't belong in order to stir the shit! He is once again using his bullying and bravado to further his own goals for going to war with Iran. In My View of It, he is the biggest hypocrite of them all. At least Beckett is taking a Diplomatic approach, while Blair is just continuing in his usual fashion of mimicing Bush. What a lot of bullshit this is and what a mess it is going to turn into!

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