Apr 26, 2007

Do popularity polls go into negative numbers?

It seems the majority of Americans feel the country is traveling down the wrong path.

In a recent survey conducted by NBC News/Wall Street Journal, only 22% of the 1004 people polled believe the country is 'on the right track', while 66% thought the country was 'on the wrong track'. As for as the other 12%, I guess they just didn't care.

As for the situation in Iraq, 12% thought the situation had improved, 49% felt it had gotten worse, and 39% felt the situation hadn't changed at all.

Hmmm, 66% thought the country is going down the wrong path huh? I wonder if the Bush administration realizes that the natives are getting restless?

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Ron West said...

BushCo doesn't give a rat's ass about the public. Never did. Never will.

Thankfully, they will be gone in less than two years.

Carol said...

He realizes it, he just doesn't care. We are not a Democracy we are more like a Facist Country now thanks to Bush and his Cronies!

Jeff Herz - My View of the World said...

The real question here is even under the best of times how many people would still respond that we are going in the wrong direction?

Although I dont know your source, I suspect with such an open ended question that the only folks who would take the time to answer that question are those who are longing for human contact even for just a few minutes.

Or maybe I am just being too cynical.

vicezilla said...

Thanks for your comment jeff. As I stated in the post, my source was NBC News and the Wall Street Journal.
Here is a link.