Apr 26, 2007

Hi Everyone

I am home in New Hampshire. I left on Wednesday Morning at 5 AM. Suffice it to say that my homecoming is not what I expected and I seem to have come home to some further insanity! I am hoping that things will settle down some but for now things are pretty much FUBAR.
Hugs to you all,

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bobbarama said...

Hang in there, Carol. We'll still be here for you when you get back and Vice is doing you good.

Take care

Carol said...

Thanks Bob,
He is doing a really nice job. thanks for being here for me during this trying time :)

Beth said...

Carol - I know there is a reason I don't go home. Take care of yourself - Rod and I are thinking about you and hoping things calm down for you... Beth and Rod aka mylifestartsatfortytwo

Olga from All Women's Talk said...

Hi Carol! I thought you were leaving on Monday... but I am glad you had a safe trip and you are at home now. Hope things work out and you'll be back soon :) PS: I met Vice, he is really nice, I am sure he'll do great! PPS: if there is anything I can do, please just contact me.

typingisnotactivism said...

hey Carol,
go hard, huh?
If it's physiological, get drinking CABALA juice for added support.
A bunch of carrots, 3 apples (red, green, and yellow if you can), a third of a beetroot, and half a lemon with the skin on. Carrot Apple Beetroot Apple Lemon Apple. It's an ancient restorative, all the biological bits aside it's a rainbow hit with full spectrum colour (apart from blue) for the body. Every day for 10 days makes for noticeable improvement. Track down writings by Don Tolman if curious. Be better soon huh!

Carol said...

I will defenitely give this a try. I need some restoration! Thanks so much.

Carol said...

Hi Beth,
There is surely wisdom in the saying that "you can never go home." I am feeling most rootless and vulnerable presently. Things are sort of settling down some. I am busy just being....