Apr 16, 2007

Get Morphed!

This is me made into a cartoon - go get yours done here, and let me know so I can go see how you look morphed!

Thanks to Beabo's Ramblings for this cool find!

Romain from My Adventures got himself Morphed..he looks so cute!

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Markk said...

Carol, I've added to my Technorati Fave in view of this Traffic Exchange campaign started by Dosh Dosh. Just to let you know. Check it out if you have done so. All the best.

Carol said...

Thanks Markk. I think I already have you in my faves. Thanks for the reminder.

Romain Levesque said...

I did one of these face morphs Carol. too funny. You can see it on my blog. Thanks for the laugh amidst all this chaos going on this morning.:-(
Health and Prosperity,

Carol said...

(((Romain)))) Happy that you got a laugh. I am going now to see it on your Blog.
I'm with you my friend, the whole world is going insane!