Apr 16, 2007

Pelosi's diplomacy: She speaks only for herself

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken it upon herself to launch diplomatic missions to several Middle Eastern nations and act not only as an official spokesman and representative of the United States, but as a messenger between hostile countries. This is more than foolish, it is dangerous.

Pelosi has made it clear that her reason for pretending to be secretary of state is because she disagrees with the Bush administration's handling of Middle Eastern affairs. So by its very nature her trip sends conflicting messages to our allies and enemies, weakens our position overseas and undermines the administration, which, by the way, is constitutionally entrusted with conducting foreign affairs. But since when has Pelosi been concerned about obeying the Constitution?

This is an excerpt out of my Hometown Newspaper the Manchester Union Leader and I find it hysterical that anyone would be concerned about Pelosi obeying the Constitution when our own President doesn't "obey" it. Sheesh!

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