Apr 1, 2007

Men and Their Toys!

What a day it has been for me! We are moving soon, actually we were supposed to be moved already but the date changed from the middle of March to the middle of April. What a huge pain in the ass moving is! I am more than half packed and will be ready by the time I am supposed to be.
The biggest pain has been moving my husband's shed. He built a shed or a workshop, depending on who is doing the talking. I call it a shed - he calls it a work shop. It is about 16' X 18' and he built it to last through an earthquake I think. Anyway, having built the shed some months ago, before we had planned to move, we now had to figure out a way to move it without hiring some company to come in to move it for us. So, my ever inventive husband, decided to build a trailer to move it. Again, he built this to haul a small house! My husband is a Machinist/Welder by trade, but really is a Jack-of all Trades and can build most anything once he sets his mind to it. Having said that, he is usually a calm and collected person until.....Today!
If you want to see a man change from being calm and collected to a raging lunatic, just put him aboard a Fork-Lift! This is a sure fire way to see the man you really married in all his glory. He was moving some plywood, a fairly large stack, leftovers from the shed building, and it turns out that the forks of the fork-lift are not even, one is lower than the other. How was I supposed to know this?
Maybe it's me, but there is something about a man and big machinery that is just not pretty! Does something happen to his testosterone level when his ass hits that seat or what?
Next thing I know this stranger sitting on the fork-lift is barking orders at me like I am working on a Construction Crew.
Well, I helped him move that pile of plywood, I placed the cement blocks on the ground for him as ordered, I put the blocks of wood between the piles of plywood as ordered.
Then, I threw a chair at him and came in the house!
He is now driving down the road with his shed loaded on the trailer and hauling it over to our new place.
I am just hoping that when he returns, he will be his usual, calm and collected self and that he will not be using the fork-lift for the rest of the day. I broke the chair and will have to find something else to throw at him if he does....The sledgehammer is looking pretty good right about now!

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vice said...


We do not have toys. We like to consider them 'implementation tools'. Shed, workshop, it doesn't matter what you call it, to us it's a 'Den of Iniquity'. It's our sanctuary.
Yes, we do have feelings. We get very embarrassed when our implementation tools don't work properly, especially in front of our spouses. That's why we need a shed, errrr I mean a den of iniquity to hide in!
Great Post!

Carol said...

Aha! I knew it had something to do with that stubborn male pride, macho thingy! Great reply and thanks for the visit!